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Sunday, 26 December 2010

Dec 25th Christmas (the last Advent 2010) Doodle: HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

25.12.10 (well almost- just gone into boxing day!)

Better late than never and for those that had a card off us, yes, this is the doodle that is on the front....I ♥ drawing, but no time on Christmas day as too busy with pressies and cooking and walking through the snow laden with presents for our families before squeezing in a turkey sandwich and a bit of Crimbo TV And now to bed.

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Dec 24th Doodle: Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary

Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary To My Darling Husband and love to Jose and Sanae Cruz our surprise witnesses on the day and now dear friends; Memories from of Municipal Building, Manhattan, NYC.

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And yes well spotted I actually did this yesterday on the same fee spread sheet at the end of work but in my defence I knew I'd be having too much fun today with a trip to Mumbles for a slap up anni breakfast in The Kitchen Table (AMAZING FOOD/STAFF/PLACE) and thought the £ related background would be apt as got married near/in the financial district of NYC. Oh the memories are too good to be true!

Thursday, 23 December 2010

December 23rd Doodle: 'Fees', all wrapped up in a bow.

(It won't let me upload my Dec23rd image...grrr. Will try again later- right now I have to go buy sprouts! If there are any left in Swansea?!)

25.12.10- finally got it to upload! hoorah! x

My Christmas gift to PDA (current soon to be ex-day job ).

I got the month end fees done, before the hols, and for the last time in this job- good bye spreadsheets, fee forecasts and invoices!

Hello my own ( EvE Designs and DivaLiss) spreadsheets, cashflows and invoices!
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Dec 22nd: My new Vintage bauble-

A gift to me from me!
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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

December 21st Doodle: Spearmint Star.


The whole office was chewing on some spearmint chewy minty sweets (not good when answering the phone !) and I just loved the wrapper design, so doodled on it.

Think this looks a little flag like- what country would have this? Hmmmm...

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Monday, 20 December 2010

December 20th Doodle: Red Liss on the Snow Beach.

20.12.2010 I thnk we should be calling this month Snowember! Total white out again today- awesome! Me walking to work this morning along Swansea beach. Another idea for my 'books to do' list!
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Sunday, 19 December 2010

December 19th Doodle: A Christmas Wreath-R.I.P Little Birdies.

A Wreath For Christmas...and all the birds Gary cat has killed/injured this year. Little B.......!
Came Downstairs to discover the little B... had only gone and caught our/a Robin! Couldn't believe it - did my doodle tempt fate? I rescued him and he flew away - I just hope the poor little fella wasn't too injured or in shock.
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